Fish Feed Production Line

Section Introduction:

We can supply: Cattle feed pellet mill, Chicken feed milling, Floating fish feed mill and so on.

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Fish feed production line is specially designed for fish farmers, feed mills and high-grade shrimp feed manufacturers with low cost and simple operation.

Fish Feed Production Line Features:

Fish feed production line process: raw material preparation → mixing → conveying → extrusion puffing → conveying → drying → oil spraying → flavoring → screening (packaging)

Fish feed production line equipment configuration: powder mixer → feeding machine → extruder→ wind feeder / elevator → multi-layer oven → cooling machine → oil spraying machine → roller → elevator → vibrating screen → (packaging machine)

Plant Design and Engineered Solutions

  • The full-price pellets produced can meet the needs of animals for protein, energy, calcium, phosphorus, trace elements, vitamins and other nutrients at different times.

  • Highly controllable feeding operation, low risk of human operation, saving water, electricity and fuel, which is conducive to mass breeding and large-scale operation.

  • Modular design, precise production, reliable operation

We provide a complete set of feed equipment and product production solutions, fully rational use of existing resources, reasonable support and professional after-sales service to escort your production, to ensure the production of high quality and high efficiency and low cost