Palm Fruit Oil Press machine

Section Introduction:

The palm oil press machine has the advantages of high oil yield, good quality, simple operation, and small footprint. In addition, we can also provide you with a professional full-set palm oil production line.

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The Capacity of Palm Fruit Oil Press: 

500kg/H, 1T/H, 2T/H, 5T/H, 10T/H, 15T/H, etc..

Palm Oil Press Machine Features

● Large processing capacity, high oil extraction efficiency

● Low residual oil in cake and residue

● Low crushing rate of palm kernel

● Low cost, convenient operation

● Easy to dismantle and maintain, etc.


Technical Parameters:

ZYFR1T1T/H7.5KW1,700×700×1,500 MM600KG
ZYFR2T2T/H11KW1,700×700×1,500 MM1670KG
ZYFR5T5T/H15KW2,310×960×620 MM3260KG


15T/H22KW4,900×1,850×1,020 MM5100KG

Palm fruit oil press can be used alone, but also according to the processing capacity, plant area, capital and other conditions with the fermentation machine, fruit removal machine, plate and frame filter and other equipment, the formation of large and small palm oil pressing production line, so as to speed up the palm fruit oil yield, reduce the loss of oilseeds.

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