1-10 TPD Small Edible Oil Production Line

Section Introduction:

Capacity: 1TPD-10TPD; Small investment cost, small land area but fast return It is the best choice for you to start a small edible oil production business

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Small Edible Oil Production Line Capacity: 1 - 10 tones/day

In order to better serve our SME customers and those who are just starting their oil business, we offer 1-10TPD small-scale edible oil production line. Our customers also get good profits by our small oil plant.

A typical oil mill plant would consist of following important equipments as a part of a complete oil mill plant:

• Oilseed Sheller 

• Seed Cleaning Machines

• Oilseed Cooker

Oil Press Machines

• Oil Filter Press Machine

• Crude Oil Refining Equipment

Advantages Of Small Oil Press / Small Oil Mill Plant

• Small-scale automatic vegetable oil production line is able to process various kinds of oil.

• Easy operation and high oil extraction rate.

• Small investment cost and fast return.

• The plant is easy to install, occupies less space, and easy to operate.

• Evergreen income generating business as edible oil is a basic necessity for human beings.

• One of the best small-scale industries with small investment cost and fast return.

• Customized grinding services can be provided to villagers, farmers, seed traders, and customers who own oil seeds.

What kind of support we can provide:

we can offer installation, commissioning and start-up of Fuerstar equipment

Warranty period – 12 months since the machines installed or 18 months since we deliver the equipment, whichever matures the first.

*Even if the warranty period expires, it will not affect our after-sales service. We will always provide online support

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