Sunflower Oil Production Plant

Section Introduction:

Sunflower seed is one of the main oil seeds in the world. We can supply 1~2000 TPD oil pressing plants.

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For small-scale sunflower oil production, we suggest choosing frying pan, integrated oil press and oil filter, which is economical and easy to operate;

For medium and large-scale sunflower oil production, we can provide 30~2000 TPD sunflower oil production equipment, including sunflower pre-treatment pressing equipment, sunflower oil extraction equipment and sunflower oil refining equipment.

1. Pretreatment section of the sunflower oil plant

Pretreatment section removes impurities and adjusts temperature and moisture of oil seeds to suit further process. Sunflower oil pre-treatment and pre-pressing machine can extract most of oil in the sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds


Magnetic separation→ Metal impurities


Cleaning→Other impurities


Hulling→Sunflower seed hull






Pre-pressing→Crude sunflower oil


Sunflower seed cake→ Solvent extraction workshop


2.Craft flow chart of solvent extraction plant

3. Sunflower Oil Refining:

  • Degumming: using hydration degumming to remove peptic impurities.

  • Deacidification: using chemical or physical methods to remove free fatty acids.

  • Decolorization: usinh the adsorption of white clay to remove the pigment in the oil and improve the color of the oil;

  • Deodorization: using the difference in the volatility of oil and odor substances to remove odor substances;

  • Dewaxing: It mainly adopts freezing, crystallization or winterization crystallization to remove wax fat in oil by fractional distillation.

Advantages of our technology:


(1)High oil yield, obvious economic benefits;

(2)Lower oil residual rate in dried meal;

(3)Improving final oil & meal quality;

(4)Lower processing cost, higher productivity;

(5)High-level automatic control, labor-saving.

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