Oil Refining

Section Introduction:

A complete oil refining plant include water washing and alkali refining, dephosphorization degumming, continuous decoloration, continuous deodorization, fractionation and dewaxing workshop

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A Complete Edible Oil Refining Process

Crude oil→Water washing and alkali refining→ Dephosphorization degumming→Continuous decoloration→Continuous deodorization→To fractionation and dewaxing workshop

  • Degumming: To remove the gum impurities, and prepare for the subsequent refining processes.

  • Deacidfying: To remove the free fatty acid in the crude oil.

  • Decoloring: To remove the pigment in the crude oil by adding active bleaching earth, so that can improve the oil quality.

  • Deodorizing: To remove the odor in the oil, so that can improve the flavor, stability, color and quality of the oil.

  • Dewaxing: To remove the wax in the oil and improve the quality of the oil.

*Some oils like sunflower , corn germ , cottonseed and rice bran oils contain some percentage of wax which is to be removed througlhe process of dewaxing . Dewaxing is used after the refinery process. 

What types of edible oil refineries can we produce?

  • 1-30TPD intermittent edible oil refinery

  • 10-50TPD semi-continuous edible oil refinery

  • 30-1000TPD fully continuous edible oil refinery

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